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  • New On My YouTube Channel
    For those of you that have found this blog, but maybe haven’t taken a look at my YouTube channel, now’s […]
  • The Next Stage
    I’ve always thought about my life in stages, but now that I’m feeling the transfer to the next one, I’m […]
  • Living Landmarks Part 1
    I’ve lived my life purposefully out of everyone’s way. I keep to myself whether I like it or not (I […]
  • Backlog Mission Pause
    Pausing for good things to come.
  • Mission Cleared: Backlog #12
    It’s going to get a little crazy in here.
  • Mission Cleared: Backlog #11
    So many games here. Such drive to complete them quick. I regret nothing.
  • Mission Cleared: Backlog #10
    Small-time Sci-Fi adventures this week, with multiple time travel tales that are worth playing.
  • Nintendo Direct Mini 9/17 News
    Listing the announcements from the Partner Showcase, more info to be updated as it comes: Monster Hunter: Rise —3/26/21— Traversal, […]
  • Mission Cleared: Backlog #9
    Too little time for all these titles this week.
  • Tell Me Why – Rapid Review
    Even if your personal experiences aren’t quite the same as the twins’, you should find something here to learn from, or otherwise expand your emotional horizons.

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