Planet Comicon ’14 Day One

This trip to PCC is my first that I was perfectly prepared for, and the day was fantastic. I met some wonderful artists, some cool cosplayers, and bought a lot of things that I will cherish as keepsakes for a long time.  I’ll have a post to share the depth of my interactions at the end of the event, as I dedicated a lot of time to speaking with some local artists that have created wonderful things, and must read what I purchased over the weekend. Suffice to say, I can’t say anything bad about the con. Also, meeting David Yost is something that I can now cross off my bucket list–this man was kind and didn’t cringe whilst I sped through a fanboy rant that I don’t even fully remember.

If you’ve yet to check out PCC, I must give you some suggestions: go admire Steven K Smith, whose dedicated costume work can also be found here:; buy a handful of reasonably priced, beautiful prints from sci-fi artist Levi Hoffmeier; and if you enjoy film, be amazed by Jim Ferguson‘s outstanding  re-creations of iconic images. Big thanks to all who shared their art and compassion for amazing stories. I’m looking forward to two more days of awesome stuff, including some interesting panel discussions, a cosplay contest, and well…spending the rest of my cash on beautiful things.

–Carlos Gomez

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