Impactful Films to Watch Instead of Celebrating July 4th

These films are poignant stories that explore important topics such as classism, racism, love, depression, humanity and tolerance, with helpful lessons entwined. They are all entertaining in one way, and insightful in others.

This covers a wide range of genres, so you should find something particularly in your wheelhouse here–I’ve linked to each film’s google search page, where you can easily find your most convenient way to watch online. I’ve also added genre as a description to ease your decision-making.

I find each of these films cathartic in some way. I hope you can as well. Use this time you have to feel, to observe those emotions, and enact change to better yourself and others instead of celebrating blind nationalism and exploding things.

For those that really love film, my Honorable Mentions (that barely missed this list) are as follows: Eighth Grade, Jojo Rabbit, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Call Me By Your Name, and Detroit. You can’t go wrong watching any of these films. Enjoy!

Comment below what you’ve learned from these films!

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