Get Hyped – Carrion Releases on Game Pass Soon

The latest Devolver Digital Direct on July 11th had quite a weird bit dedicated to an interesting game we saw an early build of at E3 2019:

This is Carrion.

Last year we were treated to a reveal trailer and 20 Minutes of Gameplay. Now we have the above hype trailer and the release date of July 23rd (NS, X, PC).

You. Get. To. Play. The. Monster.

Carrion is an action platformer and self-proclaimed “reverse horror” game, taking visual cues from modern classic Axiom Verge and similar metroid-framed games like Dead Cells, or even The Long Reach. Plot-wise, this looks to be quite the homage to classic sci-fi horror like The Thing, which is my personal favorite horror film of all time. My fingers are crossed that the story lives up to the premise.

Screenshot courtesy of Devolver Digital and Phobia Game Studio; all rights are theirs

You rumble through a puzzle-based laboratory setting to escape your [captors…creators?] and potentially explore far enough to escape into the world. We can only hope, as the gameplay video linked above shows a handful of skill upgrades, but it does not appear that this game will last very long. We do know that it won’t hurt your wallet, however–the preorder price on Xbox is $19.99, which is quite doable for a title of this ilk. Just ask House House how Untitled Goose Game‘s length didn’t really matter in the end.

Screenshot courtesy of Devolver Digital and Phobia Game Studio; all rights are theirs

The best news? Carrion will release day one on Xbox Game Pass. And it looks as if a few more people are banking on this title to be a hit. The Switch version has a preorder for the physical edition by Special Reserve Games opening on release date, July 23rd. Here’s to hoping this genre-bender massacres its way to a successful release. Color me hyped.

P.S – More Game Pass info below

Microsoft has been busy spoiling us, like almost 400 games on the service wasn’t enough to please the 10 million subscribers.

If you haven’t joined yet, you’ve either played too many games (and paid significantly more for them), or you are missing out on a lot of experiences. The Game Pass roster has a huge chunk of both Triple-A titles from massive developers like Capcom (Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter World), as well as indie darling titles like CrossCode, Wargroove, and Slay the Spire. Usually titles stay for 3-6 months to be rotated, but quite a few have continued to find success on the service and stay playable for good! I tried to make a blog specifically about the best games to find here but the list of great titles to include was too exhaustive. If you’d like more GP recommendations, leave a COMMENT below. Let me know which game convinced you to subscribe!

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