Mission Cleared: Backlog #3

Backlog: an accumulation of something, especially uncompleted work or matters that need to be dealt with.

Oxford Dictionary

Week 2 Progress

Completed one of the prettiest titles this gen #plaguetale

Another week down in my mission and lo and behold, I dropped TWO games from the list. I did get a review out for Coffee Talk and I think another is coming for A Plague Tale, if you’re interested. Both were great titles and I spent about 15 hours on them this week. I completed the story for PT, but I also chased after all the achievements for Coffee Talk, which definitely added a couple more hours to the remaining time I had available for the other games.

Since the point of this whole mission is to rid myself of the burden of quantity, I still have some work to do on optimizing my list for each week. So far, I have not gotten to put significant time into the long plays (Xenoblade and CrossCode have both been stiffed, I’m so sorry). I also spent way more time with Rogue Company last week than I expected–because it’s fantastic.

Squad up #roguecompany

I think I’ve done well with choosing my main title each week, but I’m adjusting once more. Next week will be dedicated to 4 backlog games and one casual (or at least multiplayer) to mix things up. Future casual titles may even be some of those long play RPGs that I can come back to every so often instead of putting in the weekly grind.

Week 3 – August 3rd – August 9th


Three new games for this week, with most of them being short. I’ve already started the longest, Tiny Metal, but will still likely need to spend around 10 hours to complete it. I have a lot of faith that I will finish three of these–and could potentially finish all four. After this week, I’ll start up a graphic to keep up with the titles that I’m finishing. I think it will be a really badass accomplishment to look at when 2020 is said and done.

Let me know if there’s a title you think I should complete, or if you’ve got some words about my mission! I really want to know what you think. Just type something down there. Two words, at least.

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