Mission Cleared: Backlog #4

Backlog: an accumulation of something, especially uncompleted work or matters that need to be dealt with.

Oxford Dictionary

Week 3 Progress

An impromptu trip out of town took a large chunk of my gaming time this week, but the last light of Sunday night allowed me to get some work in.

I completed The Touryst, and while disappointed by the ending, I am looking forward to the possibility of it becoming a series in the near future–perhaps its exposure from GamePass will help.

I put some more time into the other games, coming very close to completing Old Man’s Journey (maybe a half hour more is all it should take) and realizing I am not enjoying The Long Reach as much as I anticipated.

Tiny Metal still has plenty of good content left, but I still spent most of my gaming time casual this week, as Rogue Company is a whole lot of fun when you get a good squad together, and I have just that now.

Big thanks to The_Schlong for adding to the squad when we lost a valued teammate

WEEK 4 – August 10th – august 16th


*Added estimated time remaining to completion*

Only one additional game this week, but I will be trying once more to get at least 3 completed by week’s end. If that happens, I’ll be looking for new release titles for next week. I’m very excited (Battletoads?). Tiny Metal is the only title here that I prefer to take my time with, so I won’t be salty if that’s still on my list next week–it has a large expansion that would count as another game as well and I’m looking forward to trying that soon.

This mission is so much fun, I have so many options and am trying so many amazing experiences! Maybe one of these days Xbox will finally pick me up as an ambassador to Game Pass. One day.

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