Mission Cleared: Backlog #10

Backlog: an accumulation of something, especially uncompleted work or matters that need to be dealt with.

Oxford Dictionary

Week 9 Progress

Yeah, I still didn’t start up Bad North. Sorry. I only have this week left, though, as it’s leaving Game Pass on September 30th.

So…Timespinner is an interesting title. Not exactly what I expected, but still enjoyable. You play as the young “Time Messenger” Lunais, who reluctantly has to travel through time to correct her tribe’s future when attacked by interplanetary attackers. The story here is the highlight, as it sets up very basic action platformer gameplay that gets stale faster than I would’ve liked. Unfortunately, despite a nice art style, I felt like this was a proof of concept for a much bigger story, as the most of what you get here is presented in files and journals you read throughout.

Dialogue is a high point in this indie action-platformer

After playing through other Metroidvania titles this year, including Ori and the Will of the Wisps…this game just doesn’t give interesting enough quests to push you to finish (and I had to skip a couple quests when items I needed wouldn’t drop from the enemies I was to get them from).

This game shines on the Xbox One X–enhanced, indeed

Quantum Break is still on this list. It seems I can only take about two hours of it at a time, which is disappointing. I LOVE cinematic games. That said, the gameplay is “all right,” as it focuses on limiting your time abilities to when it wants you to use them, leaving you to play through gun fights with this well rendered and animated–but dreadfully human protagonist. Due to the animations involved, your main character feels sluggish, not so well suited for combat with the large number of baddies thrown at you at times. If you played through the original Just Cause, you’ll know the feeling. I’ll finish QB at some point, but I’m putting it on the later list.

Reminder: this game is still great, though

WEEK 10 – September 22nd – Sept 28th


*Added estimated time remaining to completion*

Bad North continues for one final week…I’m looking forward to starting and finishing it in one fell swoop. Halo Wars 2 has been on my mind a lot recently, and is relatively short, so I figured I’d get it mostly out of the way. Now, Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a different story. I sure as hell WILL NOT attempt to finish it this week–it just wouldn’t be possible. However, I want to get into some of the beefier games on my list for some long-haul plays, and I think it’s the perfect game to play in bite-sized chunks over a few weeks.

I continue to play Rogue Company for the COMPETITIVE THRILL, and of course Sunshine is just a nostalgia-filled blast that I will come back to again and again in between serious marathons. I have no idea what titles will come next week, so give me some recommendations!

Incomplete Games List 2020

TITLEPlay Again?Time Remaining
CrossCode (XGP)Yes30 hours
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (NS)Yes, casually5 hours
Drake HollowYes12 hours
Hypnospace Outlaw (XGP)No5.5 hours
The Long Reach (NS)Ugh. Maybe1 hour
My Friend Pedro (XGP)Yes1.5 hours
Quantum Break (XGP)Eventually3 hours
Tiny Metal (NS)Yes6 hours
UngroundedYes5 hours
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (NS)Yes40 hours

Completed Games 2020

Game TitleNew Release?
A Plague Tale: InnocenceNo-2019
Coffee TalkYes
The Gardens BetweenNo-2018
Metro 2033 ReduxNo-2014
NieR: AutomataNo-2017
Old Man’s JourneyNo-2017
Ori and the Will of the WispsYes
Panzer Dragoon RemakeYes
Pokemon SwordNo-2019
Rise of the Tomb RaiderNo-2015
Tell Me WhyYes
The TourystNo-2019

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