Living Landmarks Part 1

I’ve lived my life purposefully out of everyone’s way. I keep to myself whether I like it or not (I like it a lot). I don’t ever find myself bored. There’s always something I can be thinking about.

So, during these times when I’m most inside my head and really diving into potential ideas, I find myself combing through my memories and tracking stats/moments for posterity. So I figured I might share some here for your amusement. And possibly if I grow old and dementia sets in…maybe I can Memento this shit.

Forgive me for not giving them a particular order. Also, I would love if you comment a question! That said, I’m not gonna force myself to answer 😉

  • I have lived in 6 “cities” in my life
  • The longest I lived somewhere was 12 years (across two spans), in Dexter, Missouri–one of the worst middle-of-nowhere places to be–a racist, cultural black hole, at least during my time there
  • I once attended such a small school that I had the same teacher in 2nd and 4th grade
  • I’ve had 8 cats in my lifetime as main family members, countless kittens that ended up re-homed from there
  • I have 2 half brothers, and an unknown amount of others on my father’s side
  • On my 7th birthday I receive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle walkie talkies, and life was never the same
  • One of my most vibrant memories was of anger (as a child)–I had some toys in Walmart layaway and when I got them out, my Jurassic Park: The Lost World vehicle was missing a wheel–I lost my shit and unfortunately, it was returned
  • 12 years passed where my childhood Pokemon card collection was in storage–I have it now and the cards are pristine

  • I’ve kissed 7 people in my life. Honestly never expected half of them (and some of them were in performances)
  • The first date I ever attempted, I was stood up. It was the movie Snow Day. It was one of the worst days of my life
  • My first successful date was going to see Spy Kids (during 8th grade)
  • I had a crush that lasted 13 years (ended my final year of high school)
  • I have found myself physically attracted to Scarlett Johansson for 16 years, nearly half my life (seems ridiculous when you say it out loud)
  • There are 5 films that I’ve watched so much I’ve lost count–Lost in Translation, Jurassic Park, Aliens, 30 Days of Night, and Dawn of the Dead (Snyder version)
  • I’ve written 3 Jurassic Park fan fictions, one of which was co-written by a British girl that is now an alternative punk model (we wrote together as teenagers)
  • I’ve watched a ton of movies throughout my life, but ONE I’ve watched entirely alone in a 150-seat theater: The Fog (the horrible remake)
  • Thanks to Planet Comicon, I’ve gotten a hug from Scott Wilson, shook hands with Michael Rooker, David Yost, and barely held my shit together shopping with Jerome Flynn right next to me

This was just scratching the surface of a really fun trip down memory lane for me. I hope this gave you some sort of insight into who I am and what I’m into, cuz you’re not gonna get it otherwise.

I’m definitely gonna do more of these and if I can make it into a weekly thing, I will. Let me know what other things you might be interested in learning about and I might just put it into the next post!


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