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Mission Cleared: Backlog #5

When I started the backlog challenge, I did not anticipate taking on new release titles. Since Game Pass is bringing delicious options every month now, I have decided to alter the posting schedule so I can better have time to choose and play new release titles which often come on Tuesdays.

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New On My YouTube Channel

For those of you that have found this blog, but maybe haven’t taken a look at my YouTube channel, now’s the time to get caught up! I largely have documentary style videos on my channel, and have a handful of video game themed ones as well, but I’ve started what I hope to be a […]

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The Next Stage

I’ve always thought about my life in stages, but now that I’m feeling the transfer to the next one, I’m going to outline it to myself for posterity. Writing is therapy for me, and when I haven’t done it in a while (creatively–I’ve written a lot about games lately), I get good ‘ole fashioned life […]

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Living Landmarks Part 1

I’ve lived my life purposefully out of everyone’s way. I keep to myself whether I like it or not (I like it a lot). I don’t ever find myself bored. There’s always something I can be thinking about. So, during these times when I’m most inside my head and really diving into potential ideas, I […]

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Nintendo Direct Mini 9/17 News

Listing the announcements from the Partner Showcase, more info to be updated as it comes: Monster Hunter: Rise —3/26/21— Traversal, creature riding, and an obvious visual upgrade from previous Nintendo versions Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin —Summer 2021— Gorgeous art style, quality cutscenes and story Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise–12/4/20 –Save data […]

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