KC Facebook Groups Locals Should Join (March 2019)

Kansas City is a destination of many tastes and Facebook is still where most of the digital community frequents. That said, the groups I’ve compiled here are influential in said tastes, and have plentiful discussion available for those searching for a more constant space to spend their app time.

Beer Tasting KC

7,900+ Members (Closed Group)

Chocolate Ale

“We are your personal beer hound when you need someone to help you locate where that one special bottle of beer is hiding in the KC area. We are a never ending source of suggestions and opinions on every brew under the sun. We are an up to date source on local beer tappings, news, and events. Most of all, though, we are your comrades with which you share that deliciously complex beer.”

The group summary pretty much says it all. BTKC revels in exploring opinions, palates, and retail trends in beer, with an expansive and highly influential membership in the scene. Several business owners, brewers, and local personalities have made their presence known here as admins and consistent discussion starters, including those from local stalwarts Boulevard and Crane. They’ll even make beer trades and have “bottle shares” from time to time. Beware, you may become extremely jealous of someone’s beer collection if you’re not careful.

Kansas City Eats: A forum for KC restaurants and food

31K+ Members (Public Group)

A BRGR special 

THE only food group you need for the city. Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of recommendation posts fill up the timeline with endless suggestions, including countless photos of meals from every walk of life. If you somehow don’t find the type of food you enjoy, someone will be there to shout out a hole in the wall or a food truck that you’ll have to chase down. With this large of a membership, there’s no flavor you can’t find.

Alamo Film Club – Kansas City

860+ Members (Public Group)

Ant-Man & the Wasp Specials!

Spearheaded by the management team at Alamo Drafthouse KC, this group is great for film lovers, especially those interested in film discussion. The group obviously leans on the greatness that is the Alamo Drafthouse brand, but despite having that “big theatre money”, it is also aligned with Film Society KC to not only have several free tickets available throughout the year, but promotes social gatherings and special events to enable moviegoers to share their opinions and make new friends. Several members are a big part of the indie film industry in KC, as well as movie lovers that frequent the best the city has to offer, from Screenland Armour Theatre¬†(+ Slaughter Movie House for horror fiends) to the super-indie Tivoli Cinema.

People’s Climate Movement – Kansas City

1,100+ Members (Closed Group)

The cutest hangout in Power & Light

“Our goal is to connect people working in social justice, labor, and climate/environmental movements for ongoing dialogue on how to become stronger together. We want to develop strategies that engage our sponsors and partners throughout the metro area (in both Kansas and Missouri) in community action to support our vision of a clean and just future where we live. To change everything, we need everyone!”

As the summary from the group page mentions, this is a great resource for not only educating members on current issues, but motivating and inspiring them into action. Daily posts are made by a multitude of local activists, community leaders (even a few politicians at times), and influencers in the KC metro area. If you want to be a more informed citizen in KC, you’ll want to be a part of this group.

The Artist Community of Kansas City (ACKC)

3,500+ Members (Public Group)

Courtesy of Chronically Curious

If you’re looking to get the culture of KC in your system, look no further. This group shares events of all sorts, personal stories from artists, and plays the ever-important role of gateway to local auditions. Many actors, musicians, filmmakers, students, and professors make up the membership, and can be a great resource to anyone looking for an in.

Honorable Mentions

The below groups are influential for very specific memberships, but I enjoy them all the same. *They may be extra nerdy.

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