Mission Cleared: Backlog #11

Backlog: an accumulation of something, especially uncompleted work or matters that need to be dealt with.

Oxford Dictionary

Week 10 Progress

Quaint, but gorgeous in its simplicity #BadNorth

SOOOOO little did I know that Bad North [it’s great, btw] was NOT the kind of game that is straightforward as far as time put into it. It’s a roguelike strategy game. The entirety of the game is battling for your life with up to four unit types on randomized islands, attempting to fend off invading brutes from another land.

I love strategy games of all types, but I’m also not a motivated roguelike player. Suffice to say, I went through 2.5 playthroughs (one complete route is around 2 hours) and I gave in when I completed 75% of the campaign, and it was obvious I lost too many units to be victorious. Painfully, dreadfully, brutally obvious. The game is great, but it has that classic Age of Empires feel of throwing your units at the enemy to do their job, and sometimes the AI pikemen decide to separate, you know, like great pikemen do. You know how that turns out.

Quantum Break heard you like particle effects

I didn’t intend to jump back on Quantum Break, but I was so close and felt the momentum of the end coming. I had to push through this week since I had interrupted my plans to do a Community Night play of Sea of Thieves (which was a blast). In the end, Quantum Break was worth it. I’d like to play the other routes to unlock the additional cutscenes and endings…but I could also just watch them on YouTube. This game took up something like 165 GB of my hard drive and it’s far more movie than game. Easy choice.

WAIT FOR IT…@SovereignSyd

WEEK 10 – September 29th – October 5th


*Added estimated time remaining to completion*

It’s obvious that I didn’t put much time into either Halo Wars 2 or TMS this week, so that’s going to change over the next few days. HW 2 is very much a game I can complete this week, as is Night in the Woods, the indie darling of 2017. I’ve gotten so many indie classics out of the way this year…I guess I’m gonna have to buy some new ones soon (thanks, Game Pass). My casual games for the week continue, as they are a couple of the best. Now that Destiny 2 expansions were added to Game Pass, though…they’ll be on the list soon.

**At the time of writing came the announcement of the Xbox Hall of Fame CONTEST–competing in this may make an additional difference in my play over the next three weeks**

Incomplete Games List 2020

TITLEPlay Again?Time Remaining
Bad NorthYesEvery Play is 2 hrs
CrossCode (XGP)Yes30 hours
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (NS)Yes, casually5 hours
Drake HollowYes12 hours
Hypnospace Outlaw (XGP)No5.5 hours
The Long Reach (NS)Ugh. Maybe1 hour
My Friend Pedro (XGP)Yes1.5 hours
Tiny Metal (NS)Yes6 hours
UngroundedYes5 hours
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (NS)Yes40 hours

Completed Games 2020

Game TitleNew Release?
A Plague Tale: InnocenceNo-2019
Coffee TalkYes
The Gardens BetweenNo-2018
Metro 2033 ReduxNo-2014
NieR: AutomataNo-2017
Old Man’s JourneyNo-2017
Ori and the Will of the WispsYes
Panzer Dragoon RemakeYes
Pokemon SwordNo-2019
Quantum BreakNo-2016
Rise of the Tomb RaiderNo-2015
Tell Me WhyYes
The TourystNo-2019


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